Core Values of Community: Vulnerability

Matthew 9:9-13   

November 3, 2019

Message by Rev. Beth McQuitty, Dir. of Family Ministries

Core Values of Community: Hospitality

Luke 19:1-10     

October 27, 2019

Message by Rev. Brandon Johnson, Pastor

Zacchaeus meets Jesus along the road entering Jericho. From the top of a tree Zacchaeus is able to spot Jesus and an interesting exchange follows as Zacchaeus climbs down. Welcome is extended both from Jesus and Zacchaeus. How do you experience hospitality? How do we welcome others?

Home by Another Way

Matthew 2:1-12

January 5, 2020

Message by Rev. Brandon Johnson, Pastor

Wise figures from the east travel to visit Jesus, Mary, and Joseph and bring gifts that foreshadow Jesus’ adult ministry. Yet, these wise ones from the east return home by another route. In what ways is God calling us to take a different path?

Dream or Nightmare

Matthew 2:13-23   

December 29, 2019

Message by Rev. Brandon Johnson, Pastor

 In a startling story of violence and retribution - we suddenly realize the Christmas story has multiple layers. Jesus is born into a world that is broken and often unhinged by a lust for power. How do we hold the love of Christmas Eve in tension with a world that is complicated?

Season of Love & Light: Light in the Darkness

Luke 1:46b-55

December 15, 2019

Message by Rev. Brandon Johnson, Pastor

 “Lighten my darkness,” writes Amy Grant in Breath of Heaven as she attempts to capture the voice of Mary. This Sunday we will read and engage Mary’s song in the Gospel of Luke. How does Mary reflect God’s light and what does it teach us about God’s love breaking into our world?


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