Core Values of Community: Vulnerability

Matthew 9:9-13   

November 3, 2019

Message by Rev. Beth McQuitty, Dir. of Family Ministries

Core Values of Community: Hospitality

Luke 19:1-10     

October 27, 2019

Message by Rev. Brandon Johnson, Pastor

Zacchaeus meets Jesus along the road entering Jericho. From the top of a tree Zacchaeus is able to spot Jesus and an interesting exchange follows as Zacchaeus climbs down. Welcome is extended both from Jesus and Zacchaeus. How do you experience hospitality? How do we welcome others?

An Impossible Story

Matthew 17:1-9          

February 16, 2020

Message by Rev. Brandon Johnson, Pastor

Jesus, a mountain top, and two very confused disciples (Peter and James) result in a mysterious and awe inspiring story. The art of telling a story is a gift that reveals profound truths about our past, present, and future. What stories do you tell?

Our Rise

Psalm 112:1-9       

February 9, 2020

Message by Rev. Richie Sanchez, Regional Minister

The Consequence of Blessing

Matthew 5:1-12

February 2, 2020

Message by Rev. Brandon Johnson, Pastor

If you grew up in the church - you know the words well. If you didn’t grow-up in the church - you probably heard a reference or two to Jesus’s most famous sermon. What does God’s blessing mean and how are we called to respond?


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