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There were two processions into Jerusalem at the beginning of the Passover week. One was a peasant procession, and the other was an imperial procession. Son of God, Jesus' procession proclaimed the kingdom of God. On the other hand, Pilate's military procession was a demonstration of both Roman imperial power and Roman imperial theology(domination system). As we are believers, Christians (I would say "christs"), which procession are we in? OR Which procession do we want to be in? What should the christs' marching look like? This is the question for Palm Sunday, the first day of Holy Week.

A Few More Steps
Mark 10:35-45

March 17, 2024

Message by Rev. Brandon Johnson

The tension among the Disciples is intensifying as Jesus gets closer to Jerusalem and we approach Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, and Good Friday. Jesus references a cup and baptism. What meaning do those symbols hold and what do they teach us about our capacity to see and build abundance in a world of scarcity?

A Scrappy Resistance

Mark 7:24-30

March 10, 2024

Message by Rev. Brandon Johnson

Hometown Blues
Mark 6:1-6a

March 3, 2024

Message by Rev. Brandon Johnson

On the third Sunday of Lent we find ourselves traveling back to Nazareth, Jesus’s hometown. It’s difficult to say the least. Change is part of life. Emotional and spiritual evaluation is part of our journey through the wilderness. Can we ever return home? How do we step into spiritual change while recognizing that might be hard for others to accept?

Palm Sunday

Marching of the Christs

Mark 11:1-11

March 24, 2024

Message by Dr. Rev. Miseon Choi

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