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Resurrecting Community
John 21:4-14

May 7, 2023 

Message by Rev. Brandon Johnson

We return to the post-resurrection appearances of Jesus (a few weeks ago we read the story of Thomas). These stories become about the evolving values of the early Jesus movement and a return to Jesus’s core actions. What does this passage teach us about the ethics and resurrection of community?

The Good 'Ole Days
Acts 2:42-47

April 30, 2023 

Message by Rev. Brandon Johnson

Memories of the early Jesus movement (aka church) are powerful. This story is dripping with nostalgia as the writer of acts remembers those early days. Did it exactly happen that way? We aren’t entirely sure, but the invitation is clear and the ideal set. What is your reaction to that understanding of community?

Earth Day Sunday
Who is the Teacher?
Acts 2:14a; 22-32

April 23, 2023

Message by Rev. Brandon Johnson

We find ourselves on the winding road to Emmaus immersed in the beauty of creation as a stranger (at first) becomes a teacher. God’s presence and love are revealed in many ways - creation, a stranger, and friends. On this Earth Day Sunday what is God teaching us?

Daily Resurrection
John 20:19-31

April 16, 2023

Message by Rev. Brandon Johnson

A peculiar thing begins to happen in the Gospels. Jesus appears again and again and again. What does this reveal about the metaphor of resurrection, new life, and God’s presence?

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