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By the Lakeshore
Matthew 4:15-23

January 15, 2023

Message by Rev. Brandon Johnson

We find ourselves in the middle of the season between Epiphany and Lent. A liminal space of mystery and exploration in which we dive deeper into the depths of spirituality, call, and meaning. The story this Sunday comes to the initial disciples in the “everydayness” of their lives, the lakeshore. How do we open ourselves to God’s presence in the everydayness/ordinary times of our lives?

The Meditations of My Heart
Mark 1:21-28

January 8, 2023

Message by Rev. Norm Williams

Be Ready: Loving Disruption
Matthew 1:18-25

December 18, 2022

Message by Rev. Brandon Johnson

We turn our attention from Isaiah to the larger than life stories found in the Gospel of Matthew. Joseph’s life is disrupted and his assumptions challenged. How do we prepare for a loving disruption in our own lives?

Be Ready: Joy
Isaiah 35:1-10

December 11, 2022

Message by Rev. Brandon Johnson

A dry and barren land suddenly sings with gladness! Joy is experienced in a myriad of ways in our sacred stories. How do we prepare for joy that is made known in the abundance of nature, neighbors taking care of one another, and a community to stand up for and with the most vulnerable?

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